4月30:The Fifer by Édouard Manet, Mister Rogers, Sir Harry Kroto


【This Day In Science 1897/4/30 #發現電子——約瑟夫•湯姆森】
在1897年的今天,英國物理學家約瑟夫•湯姆森(Joseph J. Thomson)第一次對外發表了亞原子粒子(現在稱之為電子)的發現。



Sir Harry Kroto
Harry Kroto.jpg
BornHarold Walter Krotoschiner
7 October 1939
WisbechCambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Died30 April 2016 (aged 76)
LewesEast Sussex, United Kingdom
Alma materUniversity of Sheffield
Thesis The spectra of unstable molecules under high resolution (1964)
Known forBuckminsterfullerene
InfluencesHarry Heaney[1]
Notable awards
ChildrenDavid and Stephen

Richard Dawkins wrote a memorial for chemist Kroto where he mentioned Kroto's "passionate hatred of religion."[71] The Wall Street Journal described him as "(spending much of his later life) jetting around the world to extol scientific education in a world he saw as blinded by religion."[72] Slate's Zack Kopplin related a story about how Kroto gave him advice and support to fight Louisiana’s creationism law, a law that allows public school science teachers to attack evolution and how Kroto defended the scientific findings of global warming.[73] In an obituary published in the journal NatureRobert Curl and James R. Heath described Kroto as having an:

我太靦腆,不配應付這個民族裏的人。沈從文的小說【舊夢】裏的一個女人說:" 你放痞一點,你就成功了。 " 我不能"痞",也不想成功。
大家不用擔心那時候的學生有沒有 #開學憂鬱


Fred McFeely Rogers was an American television personality, famous for creating, hosting, and composing the theme music for the educational preschool television series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, which ...Wikipedia
Full nameFred McFeely Rogers

Mr. Rogers "It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood" - YouTube


Sep 27, 2012 - Uploaded by Jason Taylor
This is MrRogers singing the opening theme song "It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood" from the Mr ...

敬贈孫康宜教授。她跟我們介紹Mr. Rogers....
馬龍‧白蘭度 過世
Paul Newman 
Bringing intense emotion and raw improvisation to his performance, Brando's talent was said to have outshone his classmates, who included Marilyn Monroe, Shelley Winters and Rod Steiger.
Paul Newman, who was also learning to act at that time, said: "I'm angry at Marlon because he does everything so easily.
"I have to break my ass to do what he can do with his eyes closed."
影星保羅紐曼:「我很氣他(馬龍‧白蘭度),因為他演什麼都易如反掌。他閉著眼也做得到的,我要拼了命才做到。」 這最讓我想到:
「……(Fred) Rogers請著名的音樂家馬友友來演奏大提琴,馬友友一開始就閉著眼睛在拉琴,好像很陶醉的樣子;女兒於是拍手叫道:『真好,他在睡覺也能演奏,Good for him!』。」(p.432;孫康宜《「童化」與「教化」》載《慶祝施蟄存教授百歲華誕文集》pp.430-34)
47 years ago, #MrRogers testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications to save funding for public media. #ItsABeautifulDay to thank him for his contributions.

Neighborly folk took to social media Friday to pay tribute to Fred Rogers, by sharing photos of themselves wearing the "Mister Rogers'…

All the Year Round was a Victorian periodical, being a British weekly literary magazine founded and owned by Charles Dickens, published between 1859 and 1895 throughout the United Kingdom. Edited by Dickens, it was the direct successor to his previous publication Household Words, abandoned due to differences with his former publisher.
It hosted the serialisation of many prominent novels, including Dickens' own A Tale of Two Cities.

Edouard Manet (US /mæˈn/ or UK /ˈmæn/French: [edwaʁ manɛ]; 23 January 1832 – 30 April 1883)

The Fifer or Young Flautist is a painting by French painter Édouard Manet, made in 1866. It is currently kept in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

ArtistÉdouard Manet
Typeoil painting
Dimensions160 cm × 97 cm (63 in × 38 in)
LocationMusée d'Orsay, Paris

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Aug.20; Charles and Ray Eames,

TASCHEN Today, we remember the creative duo of Charles and Ray Eames who died on this day in 1978 and 1988 respectively. May their innovative oeuvre keep on inspiring. tsc.hn/49209fb Reconsidering the work of Charles and Ray Eames, who died #onthisday, exactly a decade apart, in 1978 and '88. Their designs are an instantly recognisable, and Californian form of mid-century modernism, but their relationship to LA was surprisingly ambivalent, as this essay from 2015 explores https://www.apollo-magazine.com/california-dreaming-recons…/ ******

Dec.10: 12月10日 (2013~2017) 國際人權日,美麗島事件紀念



陳忠信7 小時 ·  國際人權日,美麗島事件38週年,老友鍾漢清回顧他在台大附近書齋找來三五友人聚會談天說地之記錄。感謝他的熱心,分享: 一起實踐國際人權日的理念: 由美麗島雜誌想到朴正熙朴槿惠父女(陳忠信2016 );2014 人權日-美麗島事件紀念日 19:16 人權日-從民間社會進入公民社會 陳忠信主講 (歌曲 Islands Sunrise) hc iTaiwan forum 1 year ago 107 views 19:28 人權日-美麗島事件紀念日 陳忠信主講 hc iTaiwan ... HANCHINGCHUNG.BLOGSPOT.PE http://hanchingchung.blogspot.tw/2016/12/2016-2014.html

Flaubert: MADAME BOVARY (1857)

"Madame Bovary" was published on April 12th 1857. It provoked one of the most famous literary trials in history—Flaubert was accused of degrading public morals with his tale of adultery and female lasciviousness Gustave Flaubert: one of the defining figures of modern literature "Madame Bovary" was published on this day in 1857 ECON.ST
“One's duty is to feel what is great, cherish the beautiful, and to not accept the conventions of society with the ignominy that it imposes upon us.” ―from MADAME BOVARY (1857)
ignominy noun [U] LITERARY public embarrassment:
The Workers' Coalition experienced the ignominy of total defeat in the last election.